Baby Powder A strong scent of pure baby powder, reminiscent to the Johnson's baby powder.

Gingerbread Soft spiced gingerbread. warm, buttery and nutty tones.

Toasted Marshmallow A strong musky smell with a hint of sweet. 

Bluebell Sweet scents of rose and jasmine, including a rich floral scent of bluebells and hyacinth.

Pure Eden Scents of lily, jasmine and rose. Hints of vanilla and peony.

Candy Cane Sweet peppermint leaf.

Black Jasmine Jasmine, orange blossom, orchid, ylang resting on a base of musk and soft dry fruity hints.

Chocolate Orange Silky melted chocolate and tangy orange.

Fresh Linen Musky florals with violet, orange blossom and hints of jasmine and lily.

Vanilla Creamy Madagascan vanilla pods whipped with a hint of nutmeg.

Colour Pop Baby Powder mixed with jasmine and rose.

Flower Power Vanilla, jasmine and peony.

Bubblegum Classic bubblegum scent.

Cocoa Cookies Reminiscent of a steaming white cocoa, combined with the warmth of the delicious Christmas cookies straight from the oven. This fragrance combines sweet nuances of biscuits and nutty nuances. All of this is smoothed by creamy, delectable lashings of vanilla.

Cherry Bakewell Freshly baked cherry bakewell cake straight from the oven.

Mixed Berries  Mixed Blackberry, raspberry and strawberries.  

Pear Drops Reminiscent of the favourite sweets pear drops.


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